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For over 50 years, the trial lawyers of Trevino Injury Law have been focused on handling complex litigation matters throughout the state of Texas. We take pride and set our self apart from most law firms because we have a staff of experienced trial lawyers with real court room experience. Our personal injury and trial advocacy firm offers a blend of  experience, strategy, customer service, and commitment to our clients.

The trial lawyers of Trevino Injury Law will never settle out of court as a matter of convenience, nor will we refer your case to another firm for trial unless it is absolutely in your best interest. We devote significant time to your questions and concerns about every aspect of your case from start to finish.

Many of the personal injury lawyers you see advertising as “trial attorneys” rarely ever step foot in a court room, much less ever try a case. In fact, most personal injury attorneys settle cases outside of the courtroom. However, the experienced trial lawyers of Trevino Injury Law have been handling complex lawsuits for over 50 years and has a reputation for winning. Frankly, our trial experience in the courtroom speaks for itself.

If you or a family member needs an experienced trial lawyer contact the law offices of Trevino Injury Law today or call (210) 255-3088 for legal counseling.

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Constructive Problem Solving and Trial Advocacy

We offer a wealth of trial experience and thorough investigation for every case. Our trial lawyers will:

  • Locate important witnesses to your case and interview them
  • Gather and investigate any medical evidence from doctors and medical specialists
  • Consult experts such as accident reconstruction engineers or medical professionals to help prove liability for your case

Few firms have more experience appearing before a judge and jury in complex litigation trials than the law firm of Trevino Injury Law.

Free Consultations for Individuals who Require a Trial Lawyer

Make the right choice for you and your family. Call the personal injury attorneys of Trevino Injury Law today at (210) 255-3088, the law firm that’s been trusted, to handle complex litigation matters.

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