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The insurance lawyers at Trevino Injury Law have extensive experience at representing individuals who have been victims of “insurance bad faith.

Insurance  bad faith claims include:

  • Denial of insurance claims
  • Delay of benefits
  • Delay in payment of benefits
  • Failure to provide coverage
  • Failure to settle a case within the limits of an insurance policy

We use our legal experience to help get people the benefits their insurance companies wrongfully denied.

Insurance bad faith  happens often because insurance companies have discovered they can make more money simply by paying out less or denying the entire claim.  Most people who have their claims denied stop pursing their insurance benefits because they hare  helpless against the much wealthier and powerful insurance company.

The fact is, you are not helpless. You need to hire an experienced insurance defense lawyer who can seek out the benefits you are entitled to. Contact the insurance lawyers at Trevino Injury Law either online or by phone at (210) 255-3088.   Remember, the consultation is FREE and our work is based on contingency fees, which means you never pay us a cent unless we help you recover compensation.

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The United States legal system provides many protections, and insurance companies can be made to pay large financial awards if they wrongfully deny benefits and claims.  The insurance lawyers at Trevino Injury Law represent victims who have had their claims denied under home, life, health, and disability insurance policies.

Free Consultations for Victims of “Insurance Bad Faith”

Make the right choice for you and your family. Call the personal injury attorneys of Trevino Injury Law today at (210) 255-3088 the law firm that’s been trusted for over 50 years, to pursue maximum compensation for personal injuries.

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